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Why The Elements?

If you are in your element, you feel happy and relaxed because you are doing something that you like doing.

Ancient philosophers believed that all substances were composed from the four elements: earth, air, fire, and water. These four elements were at the core of philosophy, science, and medicine for two thousand years.

To be ‘in your element’ is to be in your natural surroundings, like a bird in air or a fish in water. Doing something that you enjoy and do well, especially connecting with similar people.

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Internally, it is the movement of our breath, circulation, and nerve impulses. Breath-work and meditation classes can help you calm your mind, relieve tension and reduce anxiety promoting better physical health.

Fire is our energy and strength and in Ayurveda it represents our digestion. In Ayurveda, the term “Agni” is used in the sense of digestion of food and our metabolism. Fire is intense, powerful, and transformative, get ready to sweat in our Barre, HiiT & Met-Con classes.

Water is flowing cool and fluid, it provides protection and healing and is associated with our emotions, passion and creativity. Find beautiful yoga flows and inspirational talks to help you find your own flow and what you want to achieve in life for happiness and fulfilment. 

How can we nourish our bodies with food and the best nutrients, what is necessary for good health, how can we cherish and nurture our precious bodies. Listen to our experts talk about nutrition, digestion, gut health and be inspired to learn some new recipes and cooking skills. 

Our Inaugural Festival Monte-Carlo 2019

A look at our classes and workshops over the July Festival in Monte-Carlo 2019

As Heard On The Grapevine

Had a fabulous weekend with the IN YOUR ELEMENT Festival in Monaco. Met some truly amazing and inspiring people, made new friends and had a bit of a giggle too....looking forward to next year already!

Simon Gook

Founder Number1 Brand Energy Drink

A heart-felt thank you for this past weekend!! The event was great, and it was so nice to have all of you in Monaco, sharing your knowledge and enthusiasm. As a local yoga teacher and avid health nut, I truely enjoyed it!

Alicia Anka

Yoga Teacher

A HUGE thank you and congratulations for organising such an incredible event. It was honestly the most uplifting environment I had been around in a while, and I hope that this is the 1st of many! You brought together a group of experienced people to share knowledge not only about health but about life as well. I think the fun part was that everyone learned something from everyone at the end of the day, and new friendships were also formed. There is no better feeling in the world than knowing you have inspired an individual to go and be the best version of themselves. This is what I felt with IYE.

Hussein Ormondi

Professional Athlete

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