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In Your Element Festival, Monte-Carlo’s first ever wellness and fitness event will take place over the weekend of 6/7 July 2019 with a full programme of events at The Columbus Hotel and World Class Gym.

Outdoor venues will be used to enjoy the beauty of Monaco and being outdoors in nature, to achieve a balance of mind, body and spirit.

Tickets Price: 50 Euros for a day pass, 80 Euros for a weekend pass.
Your day pass allows you to attend as many classes & talks as you want, please do book in advance to secure your place in the classes as spaces are limited.

You will recieve a fantastic Health & Beauty Goody Bag filled with luxury brands with each ticket purchased, worth over 100 Euros.

Kids Club will be running on the Saturday Morning with coaches from FMC Academy and Yoga class with Careen Cassir. Kids can attend for free with a ticket purchased by an adult. Multi-sport coaching 9am-12 in Cap D’Ail.

Who will you meet at our festival at the weekend?

Alana Murrin
A fitness instructor, dancer, yoga teacher and master instrutor at Psycle London. Her philosophy is that Movement is Medicine, her charisma and energy when she teaches is infectious. She will be hosting a very special dance class on the terrace of Stars’N’Bars at our Silent Disco.

Alice Hart-Davis
Beauty journalist & author, her most recent book is called The Tweakments Guide: Fresher Face which is all about non-surgical cosmetic procedures. It talks about what happens to our faces as they age, and what various treatments can do to soften the effects of time it’s ‘everything you’ve ever wanted to know about non-surgical cosmetic procedures, by the woman who has tried them all’.
** All attendees of Alice’s talk will also receive a gift from Prai Skincare

Bernice Robinson
Is a Holistic Reiki Master & Crystal Healer at The Connaught Hotel, in London–with a goal to provide complementary medical care by using the fundamental healing principles of mind-body by, incorporating natural healing. She will be giving complimentary reiki sessions and crystal healing one-to-ones.

Bolko & Naomi
Wellness Ambassadors
Workshops | Speakers & Advisers
Nutri Chef & Personal Trainer
“ᖇEᖴᑌEᒪ ᗯITᕼ GOOᗪ ᖴᑌEᒪ”

Calvin Watson Cyclist

Careen Cassir
Has been teaching yoga for 20 years. Invites students to check into the body and move into space created by the breath, to deepen physical and emotional ease.  She will teaching Yin/Yang & meditation / yoga for kids.

Chiara Lewis
An advocate of the believe that a strong, healthy mind translate into a strong, healthy body. She will be teaching her signature class TotalBody . https://www.chiaralewis.com/

Colette Kent
“In studying Ayurveda, I have learned how to live my life according to my unique physical and mental constitution (mind/body type) and the results have brought me a happier, healthier and more balanced life.”

Damian Fisher
BOOST is Monaco’s number one outdoor training community specializing in group training, with a motivated spirit and a clear mission: to get people outside, to think outside the gym.

Dan Luger is an ex-England rugby player and member of the squad who won the 2003 Rugby World Cup

Dave Tanner Cyclist

Fanny Riguad
A highly accomplished practitioner in holistic therapies including Tui Na (Chinese therapeutic massage), and Chinese dietotherapy. She will teach the benefits of Chinese Medicine to help improve energy in busy lifestyles: ‘An Introduction to Chinese Medicine, 10 Things you Should Know.

Heather Lounsbury, L.Ac.
Powered by Plants
The Top 10 Vegan Proteins
Where do you get your protein? The question every vegan and vegetarian is asked ALL the time. The good news is that is easy to get plenty of protein from eating plants. Being an athlete or simply wanting to be strong on a plant based diet has never been easier. Leaders in every field of sports are proving you can be powerful, fit, and vegan. 

Physician, nutritionist, and author Heather Lounsbury, who has been meat free for over 35 years, will share the top sources of protein and simple methods to get all the nutrients you need.

Studio Cyclone
Burn fat, tone muscles and sculpt your body in these dynamic total body workout spin classes. Uplifting & positive energy rebalances body & mind.

Kim Hartwell
A model, personal trainer, a movement coach, yoga teacher, rock climber and avid adventurer. A firm believer that a healthy body is a happy body. Movement is medicine. She will be teaching her signature Flow Your Own Way & Ocean Flow movement with yoga classes

Maddy Karlsson
Holistic Health & Nutrition Coach, Pilates instructor. Creator of online programme FIT BODY FRESH MIND to help you experience the benefits of a fitter body and a fresher mind in a way that truly benefits your physical, mental & emotional health.

Naomi Buff
Naomi will be hosting 3 workshops with recipes & food demos.
Weight Loss: will provide you with nutrient dense balanced recipes to reduce sugar cravings and promote faster fat burning.
Skin: by healing/improving your gut health and then reaping the benefits with your skin health to get that glow & younger looking skin.
Energy: Learn how to naturally restore and revive your adrenals through nurturing and nourishing foods that can energise and heal you giving you back a spring in your step! 

Jasmine Hemsley
Is a three-time best-selling author, the Founder of Hemsley + Hemsley and East by West,  a TV presenter with a show broadcast in over 25 countries, chef, food and health writer, restaurateur and nutrition & wellness expert.
Her talk will be about fusing the very best of Eastern wisdom and systems of health with the latest cutting-edge technology and developments in Western wellbeing. She will also host her Sound Bath Healing session, focused on immersing the body in a sound frequency meant to heal the soul.

Richie Bostock
AKA The Breath Guy is on a mission to remind the world how to #breathewithpurpose he will host his signature breath work workshops conscious breathing practices. Understanding and using the breath purposefully is a major skill if you want to become a healthy, happy, high-performing individual and enhance every aspect of your life.

Mark Bryant
From CEO to Cancer Patient, Mark was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia in June 2015. Despite the chemotherapy, radiotherapy and stem cell transplant, the disease came back just six months later. His prognosis was considered terminal with just six months to live. 4 years later he feels stronger, fitter and more alive than he has done since he was a small boy.  Taking significant action Mark has discovered that health isn’t rocket science and will share with us what he learned on his journey. His talk is on Sunday morning called ‘Living for Tomorrow’

Peter Lewton-Brain
Is trained in osteopathy and ex ballet dancer, currently working with ballet dancers around the world with their injuries and alignment. His non-invasive manual therapy seeks to improve health across the body by strengthening and manipulating the muscular framework. He will be hosting an AntiAgeing & Movement workshop

Toni Jones
Is the founder of the Shelf Help book club, a book club and community dedicated to self-development. Her mission is to connect as many people as possible with books, ideas and experts that will inspire them to look at themselves in a different, more positive way.
Shelf Help Workshop focus “The relationship you have with yourself is the most important one you will ever have but how well do you know you? Inspired by our favourite self help books this fun 30 minute workshop is designed to give you a deeper connection to yourself as well as your festival friends come with an open heart and mind and leave with a prescription for your perfect self help book stop”

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