Sophrology Breathwork with Carin van Buuren

Sophrology Breathwork with Carin van Buuren

Gentle, easy-to-perform physical movements , guided breathing, and mental visualizations.which, when practiced regularly lead to a healthy and relaxed body and a calm and alert mind

Sophrology is a conscious method that uses Western techniques (neurophysiology, relaxation methods, phenomenology) with oriental applications (yoga, zazen, Buddhist meditation) are integrated.

The method is based on the unity of body and mind, and focuses in particular on physical relaxation to improve the quality of our daily lives and to balance our emotions, thoughts and behaviors.

This is done through dynamic relaxation exercises, breathing and visualization of positive images

Sofrology contributes to the growth process within team building, communicating with individual differences, leadership, and stress management.

By experiencing the changing nature of internal experiences, we can learn to see ourselves in a more flexible and objective way.

In our workshop you will not only learn to sit on a pillow and clear your head, but also tools and techniques from cognitive behavioral therapy are offered to learn how to deal with difficult and stressful situations and our balance in a practical way.

Hosted by

Carin van Buuren

  • France
  • Master Mindfulness, Sophrology & Life Coach

Event Hours(1)

  • 09.45 - 10.45