A great round up of the festival by Hello Monaco

“It’s an idea that had to happen. It was swirling around in Krista Madden’s head and she was dying to talk about it during an exclusive interview with HelloMonaco. Why are Wellness Festivals such a big part of life in London, but not yet in the Principality?

Monaco has fabulous Wellness facilities and world class trainers – and Monaco has something London absolutely doesn’t have, sun, sea and glorious views. A Wellness Festival in Monaco would definitely have an extra dimension – so Krista founded the Festival and christened it “inyourelement”. She networked among her friends who urged her to launch this July.

If Krista has a strong suit it is that she’s a dynamite networker and she immediately reached out to world class presenters that have international reach. Krista’s other passion is making people feel at home at events; relaxed and comfortable so that they feel they have made friends. And then Krista ensured the two day Program had events that are catalysts to fun so that people could lose their inhibitions without needing a jeroboam of Champagne.

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Thank you to Monaco TV to coming along to film us at The Columbus Hotel during our festival weekend. They arrived on Saturday afternoon to catch Naomi’s healthy cooking workshop and Krista Madden, the founder of the festival spoke to them about the feedback she was receiving about the event from everyone attending.


Thank you Monaco Life for the feature on your newsletter.

Class details and schedule in more detail here:

The schedule is as follows:

Saturday Morning at the Monte-Carlo Bay Hotel 

Start the day with Born to Move movement class with Kim Hartwell, a class that helps you move your body in the way we were born to as a baby, primal movements to strengthen your body and release tensions.

Followed by an energising breath work class to get you motivated for the weekend ahead. Richie Bostock will host his signature breath work workshops conscious breathing practices. Understanding and using the breath purposefully is a major skill if you want to become a healthy, happy, high-performing individual and enhance every aspect of your life.

Complimentary Reiki will be available at the Columbus Hotel with Bernice Robinson, a Holistic Reiki master and crystal healer from the Connaught Hotel in London. Get energised, feel refreshed and relaxed during a one-to-one natural healing session with crystals.

Naomi Buff will be hosting three workshops with recipes and food demonstrations at the Columbus Hotel on Saturday afternoon.

Weight Loss: will provide you with nutrient dense balanced recipes to reduce sugar cravings and promote faster fat burning.
Skin: by healing/improving your gut health and then reaping the benefits with your skin health to get that glow & younger looking skin.
Energy: Learn how to naturally restore and revive your adrenals through nurturing and nourishing foods that can energise and heal you giving you back a spring in your step!

Kim Hartwell Photo: @adamcorbettphoto

There will also be a posture and alignment anti-ageing workshop with the osteopath to the Monaco Ballet. Peter Lewton-Brain will help improve your body’s movement and strength in this interactive session in the Pilates studio at World Class Gym.

A silent disco will be held with trained dancers on the terrace of Stars’n’Bars on Saturday night. Get sweaty and wild in this fun’ movement is medicine’ dance class. All the family is welcome.

And then there is a Kids Club on Saturday morning with coaches from FMC Academy and children’s yoga class with Careen Cassir. Drop off your kids for free 9am to 12pm if you have tickets for the event.

Sunday morning starts with Jasmine Hemsley hosting her Sound Bath Healing session, focused on immersing the body in a sound frequency meant to heal the soul at the Monte-Carlo Bay gardens. Jasmine’s talk will be about fusing the very best of Eastern wisdom and systems of health with the latest cutting-edge technology and developments in Western wellbeing.

Dave Tanner

Sunday afternoon, join the professional cyclist panel with Dave Tanner and Calvin Watson to hear their advice on how to eat and train for this popular endurance sport, and an interview with Damian Fisher from Boost Monaco.

Win the latest fitness gadget Activ5 in an interactive healthy life hacks workshop in World Class Gym with coaches and experts.

Classes over the weekend include:

Ocean flow yoga

Flow your own way yoga

Yin / Yan yoga

Total Body Workout

Re-charge and re-energise

Boost Bootcamps

Tickets are 50 euros for the day / 80 euros for the weekend.

All attendees receive a luxury beauty goody bag worth 100 euros.

Book Tickets at:

Healthy Rituals by Naomi & Bolko, Refuel-Concept

Naomi and Bolko have the perfect partnership with their nutrition, fitness and healthy lifestyle training with thier company Refuel-Concept. Between them they offer a service to help their clients achieve a healthy combination of physical, mental, emotional and overall well-being. Naomi will feed you amazing healthy food and Bolko will get you in shape with his workouts, the perfect combination to help you achieve your goals.

We asked them to share some of their healthy life hacks here:

1. Do you have a morning and / or evening routine? If so please can you tell us what you do.

Naomi: The first thing I do when I wake up is to sit on the side of the bed and do some light stretching to wake my body up, paying any attention to any tightness I may have. It gives me the chance to do a little body scan and to include some breathing work which in turn is my way of doing a morning meditation – as most may agree with me here… once we get out of bed and start our morning we tend to get swept up in the ‘to dos’ for the day and think there’s no time for mediation. I then splash my face with cold water and then give myself a little facial massage with oils whilst saying some positive affirmations to myself – a little pep talk for the day ahead! I also scrape my tongue with a copper scraper which is an Ayurvedic practice in which ‘Ama’ – an accumulation of toxic residue in the mind-body – including undigested food and emotions are scraped away. I make myself a fresh juice (normally celery or greens) and following that I make a ‘gut soothing smoothie’ – I’ve been having a smoothie for my breakfast for the past 6 years, having Crohn’s Disease, this helps with giving my digestive system a much needed rest, it’s portable too so it’s great when on the move first thing!

Bolko: As soon as I wake up I really enjoy just taking a moment to listen to my surroundings, having that moment of silence (because I’m usually up before Naomi!) and time to set my intentions for the day. I then find a quiet and comfortable place to settle into my morning meditation. I’ve found after introducing some ‘me’ time in the morning really helps with how I tackle my day and also my general mood and mental wellbeing. This is followed by a cup of warm water and fresh lemon before my morning coffee – got to rehydrate before you caffeinate!! 

2. Your top 3 tips to living a healthy life.

Naomi: Try living by the 80/20 concept – for example, if you spend your week sticking to a healthy routine then you can allow yourself the weekend to have some fun and relax! It’s all in moderation people! Be mindful of what you eat – the fuel you put into your body is crucial to having a healthy life and optimum longevity, it can affect everything from your mood, energy levels, skin, to your digestive function and MUCH more. Finally, avoid as many toxins and stress factors in your life, which can be environmental or bad relationships, how you get to work and where you work, pesticides and antibiotics in foods, chemicals are not only in cleaning products but products you use on your skin. I’m going to add a quick 4th… love and laugh often : )

Bolko: It’s all about a balanced lifestyle, making sure your work and social life are at a level that makes you happy. Eating fresh and natural foods and avoiding processed and microwave meals; fuelling your body with nutrient dense and mineral-rich produce is so important, to keep yourself from any illness or dis-ease enabling you to live a life full of energy. Exercise and movement is a big one for me for overall health, from simply taking a 20 minute brisk walk, a 40 minute HIIT session, 60 minutes of strength training, 90 minutes on a yoga matt, to a 3 hour bike ride. All of which have many benefits, you gain self confidence which reflects on all aspects of your life. 

3. What’s the one thing you can’t live without

Naomi: My first response to this question was “Bolko” – but this is really cheesy so I will say it has to be my nut milk bag!! (which can also be used to make cheese – bad pun sorry!) I’ve been known to travel with my nut bag as I can’t go without my coffee or golden lattes with fresh nut milk. As we all have come to know by now that there are many brands of nut milks out there that aren’t that great for you, with only 2% of nut and the rest being water of course but also with thickeners, flavourings, stabilisers, emulsifiers… and so on. There are some great brands out there now but living in Nice currently, there aren’t that many options as you would find in London for example! And once you get the hang of making it yourself it becomes part of your routine and can be used in baking and cooking too!

Bolko: My TRX, I take it everywhere with me. It’s such a versatile piece of equipment that is light and easily portable which makes for a great travel companion!! Ever since I was a little boy I always found that movement was a huge part of who I am, being able to train and move my body is something I could never live without and the TRX helps me to achieve this anywhere I am! Oh – and my baseball caps, anyone that knows me will understand!

4. What are your next biggest dreams?

Naomi: For Bolko and I to travel the world sharing RE-FUEL with everyone! We’ve been working not only on our brand but also on ourselves for the last 4 years since leaving London. We set out on a journey of discovery and adapted along the way to this point, where we now know what RE-FUEL is really about and we can’t wait to share that. We believe that we rise by lifting others… to inspire, to educate and motivate! 

Bolko: I want to see more of the world we live in. We live on such a beautiful planet with so many cultures and ethnicities, one can only imagine what you will discover and learn next… travelling evolves us into someone special. We are mostly drawn to the places our peers travel to but both Naomi and I always wonder if we travel to places that are less influenced by modern technology and social habits “what we could learn from them” and how we would be enriched with the experiences from the people & places we’ll see.

5. Do you have any guilty pleasures?

Naomi: I have a major sweet tooth – so pretty much all desserts tempt me!! But most of the time I end up trying to recreate them with alternative ingredients so I can feeeeeeel like I’m having a treat, without the guilt – but mainly so I don’t suffer the aftermath of symptoms – bloating, sluggish, face rash, mouth ulcers… I do though allow myself a dessert if I’m feeling well – as I am human and most desserts look too god damn yummy to resist! Oh, and chips (fries) but because potatoes are a deadly nightshade which I avoid as I have an autoimmune disease, I go for sweet potato fries!! 

Bolko: Well, it’s not a guilty pleasure because it’s Naomi’s chocolate mousse with her pancakes! The mousse is made with raw cacao, avocado and frozen banana (sometimes she adds some chilli flakes and cinnamon for me as thats my favourite), the pancakes are gluten, dairy, wheat and refined sugar free… but not flavour free, they are soooo good and it feels like I’m having a naughty treat!

You will be able to meet Naomi and Bolko at our festival where they will be sharing their knowledge of eating and training for optimum health. Naomi will be hosting a healthy snacks workshop and Bolko will be getting everyone in shape with his motivational fitness classes. Check out the timetable to book in with them over the weekend.

Chiara Lewis Shares her healthy happy attitude for life

Chiara believes that a strong, healthy mind translate into a strong, healthy body, and is currently developing an online holistic programme to help women achieving their happiest and most confident selves, The Mindful Body Project. She teaches her own signature fitness programme and is a popular spin instructor, she has been teaching at luxury fitness boutiques such at Psycle, Barrecore, Third Space and 1Rebel in London. She will be motivating us to sweat and have fun at our event in the summer, find out more about her here first….

Do you have a morning and / or evening routine? If so please can you tell us what you do.

Most days I need to be up and out early to train clients or teaching classes. I typically have to be in the studio at 6am so that means my alarm is set for 4.30am. It is vital for me to have a good evening routine to guarantee a good start of the day. As my eyes are half closed at that time of the morning I would struggle to even find my leggings. So I make sure the evening before I lay out my outfit and prepare my bag. I also write down on my phone a to do list so that my head doesn’t feel crammed and I can fall asleep. I’m also working on reducing screen time at night – although with the up and coming last season of GOT I’ve been unable to live up to my intention lately: I simply HAD to re-watch the whole series – oh yes, I am human too. 

I try always to think of a positive thing before closing my eyes. Something nice that happened during the day or something I’m feeling grateful for. 

In the AM the first thing I do is to grab a big glass of water to rehydrate after the long break of the night. I try to squeeze in my meditation first thing (I use an app called Headspace) otherwise I know I won’t do it later on in the day. 

Every day I set the same intention in my head: “Today is gonna be the best day of the year”. I grab my keep-cup filled of nespresso and oat milk and off I go. Ready to take on whatever comes at me.

Your top 3 tips to living a healthy life

Be positive – Always try to look at the positive side of things and try to avoid the “it always happens to me” attitude. You have power over how you react to things that happen to you.

Be present – and if you need to look in any direction make sure it’s always forward. And if you’re looking back try to be grateful for all the lessons.

Try to schedule ahead: your work commitments, your workouts, your time to socialise. Make a plan for the day/week well in advance. Do not let life just happen to you.

What’s the one thing you can’t live without

The first thing that comes to mind is my dog, Coco. I love her squishy face, but I guess for the purpose of this article I need to say exercise. And it’s true, whenever I don’t move my body (and it can be anything, even just a long walk or a 10 mins abs routine) I get really cranky. 

One fun fact about you.

Not sure if this is fun or freaky but if you put your pinky next to each other, palms up, and count the lines (of your pinkies) you count 3 on both of them right? Well I count 3 on my left but 4 on my right…it always gets all my friends freaked out!

Do you have a life mantra you can share?

Always try to explore outside the comfort zone, that will allow it to expand and create more space. 

Do you have any guilty pleasures?

Binging on box sets. I simply CANNOT watch only one episode! 

3 things on your bucket list to do

Set up my own foundation to empower teenage girls in underprivileged countries to understand their true value

Travel the world and be wowed by nature

Achieve something epic, like climbing mount Everest

You can find out more about Chiara and see her fitness routines on her site

A simple yet effective way to reduce stress by The Breath Guy

Interview with The Breath Guy, Richie Bostock.

April is Stress Awareness Month – and it’s a great reminder for us all to take a look at what we can do differently in our lives to minimise the stress and worries we all inevitably face. We spoke to Richie Bostock, aka The Breath Guy, who is one of the world’s leading teachers in the evolution in health and performance through Breathwork. He allows people to experience the transformative powers using their breath to reduce stress and improve energy levels, sleep and athletic performance.

What actually is breathwork?

There are many definitions of breathwork so I will provide my simple definition. Breathwork is the science and art of becoming aware of your breathing and using it for a physical, mental or emotional benefit.

This definition encapsulates all the different techniques and modalities where your breath is the primary focus, from simple two-three minute techniques to help you feel relaxed, techniques to relieve chronic back pain or learning to breath to quickly induce meditative flow states. You can even teach breathing protocols to athletes to increase their athletic output and promote faster recovery. There is so much that you can do with your breath and I believe we still have only just scratched the surface!

What are the benefits?

Breathing is the only function in our body that both happens completely automatically and is 100% under our control. Now this is not an accident of nature, it is absolutely by design. The correlation between breathing and the state of our body and mind has been acknowledged for centuries in many ancient traditions such as Taoism, Yoga and in Ayurvedic medicine.

Now, scientific studies are supporting what ancient traditions have known for centuries: linking correct breathing with the mitigation of some of most insidious modern health problems. So if you understand how to use your breath as the tool that nature has intended for you to use, you become the master of yourself. Reduced stress and anxiety, increased energy levels, improved sleep, improved creativity, induced flow states, increased athletic performance and cardiovascular health – these are just a few of the benefits that can result from Breathwork.

How is it different to meditation?

If the goal of meditation is to go beyond the mind and experience our essential nature, which is often described as peace, bliss and total presence, then yes Breathwork is very similar. In fact, I call some of the routines I teach “Meditation on Rocket Fuel” because of the profound effect it has on calming the mind quickly and getting you to that place of no-thought. I have had countless people come up to me after a class saying that they have been trying meditation for years but have never gotten so deep into a state of presence than when doing the class.

The major difference is how you use the breath for each practice. In many styles of mediation, they practice “watching the breath” as a way of going into meditative states. In Breathwork we will consciously change our breathing to do the same thing. I love meditation and I think that it is a very important practice. The process of sitting down and becoming the observer of your thoughts is such an important skill to cultivate. I actually combine the two in my personal practice. I do Breathwork and then go into a meditation. In this way, the Breathwork acts as a speed ramp into the meditation practice, helping to calm the mind quicker so that you get more bang for your buck while meditating.

Who is breathwork for?

I always say if you have a nose, a mouth and a pair of lungs then you are very qualified to do Breathwork! In the Breathwork classes I teach involve the students sitting or lying down as I guide them through a series of breathing flows for as specific purpose, whether its to create states of bliss, energy, relaxation or meditative flow. 

What would you say to someone who has never tried it before?

Give it a go and you will be surprised at what you can do just by changing your breathing!

 How did you get into what you do?

Purely by accident (or fate, whichever you prefer). Some time ago my Dad was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, an autoimmune disease with no real widely accepted cure and a myriad of different and sometimes difficult drug treatments. Because there was no set treatment plan for MS, I was always on the lookout for different lifestyle changes and alternative treatments could be useful for him. Eventually I came across a podcast by a man called Wim Hof, a Dutch man often referred to as “The Iceman”.

In this podcast, he talked about a method he developed through his own experiences which is fantastic for everyone’s physical and mental health. What caught my attention is that he mentioned the method seemed to be really effective in helping people with autoimmune diseases, including MS. After researching his method more I learned that it had two main elements: cold exposure activities such as cold showers and ice baths and breathing techniques.

To cut a long story short, I travelled to Poland to attend a week long training with Wim to learn the technique and found the effects to be so profound, especially the breathing aspects. On return I taught my dad the technique. Fast forward a few years and my dad breathes and takes cold showers every morning and his MS has not progressed at all!

After this I was obsessed with finding out what else people were doing using the breath, which has led me to travel across five continents learning from many modern breathing masters and witnessing the transformative effects of Breathwork.

What are you doing when you are IN YOUR ELEMENT?

I am in service of others.

LEBON : Healthy Toothpaste

LEBON is just one of the brands who we are thrilled to have involved at our event, not only will you be able to try out their 100% Organic toothpaste with flavours made in Grasse in your goody bag, you can also take part in their self-care ritual workshop. Their 2 minute-moment to think while brushing will give you take home tips for every day. Find out more about the brand and its founders.

LEBON is just one of the brands who we are thrilled to have involved at our event, not only will you be able to try out their 100% Organic toothpaste with flavours made in Grasse in your goody bag, you can also take part in their self-care ritual workshop. Their 2 minute-moment to think while brushing will give you take home tips for every day. Find out more about the brand and its founders.

LEBON is a luxury Oral Care brand founded in 2015 by Stephanie, Art Historian and Professional Photographer, and her husband Richard, Pharmacist MD, Dermatology-Cosmetics Certified, both Sea and Nature lovers.

Considering brushing teeth is the first and last thing you do each day, Richard and Stephanie wanted to realize a gap in the industry for an ethical and natural toothpaste made specifically for those who prioritize health but also appreciate luxury design.

But also to use this ‘2-minute moment’ to think, refocus on oneself, and enjoy a real mindful experience, while brushing.

The idea came during a stay in Costa Rica, surrounded by tropical vegetation, the ocean,… the whole wildness of nature. This is why the brand is inspired by nature, the elements, and the surf lifestyle with a touch of glamour.

LEBON’s highest priority is to commit to HEALTHY INGREDIENTS and a full FLAVOR THERAPY experience.

Indeed, the founders decided to only select the ingredients one by one, focusing on those that are proven to be safe and effective, while steering clear of any cheap, harmful ingredients. All the ingredients are natural, cruelty-free and vegan.

LEBON uses certified organic Aloe Vera and Green Tea which naturally prevent bacterial growth, plaque formation, cavities, and protect gums and teeth enamel, and Papaya Extracts for all-natural whitening.

On top of being cruelty-free, paraben-free, sulfate-free, Titanium Dioxide-free, Fluoride-free (to only name a few), LEBON is naturally sweetened with Stevia Rebaudiana, a natural cavity fighter.

More than healthy, the duo did not want to leave the flavors behind and decided to elevate the practice of teeth-brushing with a various range of aromas, better known as the FLAVOR THERAPY. A flavor for every mood!

Whether you’re doing morning yoga, taking a nature walk, or shopping around town, you’ll want to feel good and energized for the day. And because flavors affect our everyday mood, we should all mix and match our toothpaste according to our mood, or choose the right blend depending on the day ahead of us.

This is why the LEBON Oral Care Collection focuses on aromas, to transform this routine into an enjoyable sensory experience during each cleaning as well as afterwards. Each flavor is then selected meticulously to make everyone travel, to balance everyone’s mental, to be more mindful and appreciative while doing such a mundane task.

Taste the flavors of energy, relaxation, comfort, and happiness with the LEBON toothpaste collection.

A flavor that will give you a boost of energy to kick-start the morning and recharge you with mental clarity and a happier mood. A flavor to relax and unwind after a long day of work. A fruity taste, to end the day on a Happy Note, like a dessert that makes you smile.

Today, the LEBON toothpaste collection counts nine exclusive flavors, each natural and delicately unique which will transport you to a different experience from one flavor to the next, while you brush.
Plus, each flavor profile is custom-made for the brand by an 18th century supplier from Grasse (France) – the fragrance capital of the world.

LEBON does, after all, translate to “no compromises”, which is exactly the brand’s point of view: Why should we have to compromise quality and ethicalness when it comes to our dental care?

3 Tips for a Healthy Life by Careen Cassir

Living a healthy lifestyle doesn’t have to mean hours of training at the gym and only eating salad leaves. It’s about making small healthy changes every day. We asked yoga teacher Careen Cassir which healthy choices she decides to make each day to help her live a healthy life and be the best version of herself.

My morning routine starts with:

1 – Thanking the universe for a beautiful day to look forward to whilst appreciating the sun rise.

2 – Drinking a glass of warm lemon and ginger water. 

3 – Getting on my yoga mat, asking my body whether a dynamic or slow yoga practice is needed, including pranayama (breathing) exercises.

My evening ritual includes:

1 – Thinking back through my day, what I learned and what was not worth it.

2 – Sitting for 5 minutes with my legs up the wall. 

3 – Meditation. 

The one thing I can’t live without is LOVE.

My weaknesses are: Overthinking and worry sometimes. My love for chocolate! 

My inspiration comes from: My yoga teacher and friend Nathalie Keusseoglou.

My life mantra is to: Grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change. The courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference. 

My 3 top tips to living a healthy life are:

1 – Getting enough sleep.

2 – Spending lots of time with my family and friend in nature with my animals (horses and dogs).

3 – Eating lots of fruits and veggies.

The element I identify most with: is Earth. 

I am in my element when: I am grounded and practical, I am relaxed, sociable, sympathetic, considerate, attentive and agreeable, I am in my traditional mother and wife personality.

Practicing for over 20 years, Careen is a certified Yoga Alliance teacher, inspired and trained by many international yoga teachers. She is the co-creator of the yoga school Yoga Shala, dedicated to the practice of yoga and mindfulness for adults and children in Monaco.

Careen will be joining us and leading some of her amazing yoga classes in July. In her classes she invites students to check into the body and move into space created by the breath. The practice creates an opportunity to deepen the physical side and release any emotional stress. Join us on the 6th and 7th July to experience one of Careen’s classes.

Bring balance to your life with the four elements

The four elements of FIRE, EARTH, AIR and WATER are the foundations of life. The heat of the sun, the earth beneath our feet, the air we breathe and the water we drink are essential to our existence. They exist in a harmonious balance and this balance is necessary for us and the planet to stay alive.

The importance of each element

Fire: your energy, taking action and continual movement

Earth: your body, your mindset, your space

Air: your life-force, faith, trust, beliefs, determination

Water: your creativity, flow, thinking, imagination and bringing things into being

The four elements serve as powerful guides on how-to live-in synergy with nature. Every breath of air relaxes us. Fire gives us strength and energy. We learn to flow and be more fluid like water. The earth reminds us to heal and nourish ourselves. When we align with the four elements, we become more present and tap into the wisdom of life itself. 

The four elements serve as powerful guides on how-to live-in synergy with nature. Every breath of air relaxes us. Fire gives us strength and energy. We learn to flow and be more fluid like water. The earth reminds us to heal and nourish ourselves. When we align with the four elements, we become more present and tap into the wisdom of life itself. 

We each tend to rely on one part of our self and dismiss the others. For example, in modern society we focus on our physical bodies (earth) and forget about our spiritual essence (fire). We rely on our minds (air) but ignore our emotional bodies (water).

Finding balance

We can bring ourselves back to balance by using the four elements as reflections of the different aspects of ourselves. Just as one of the elements is not more or less important than any other, no one part of ourselves is more or less important. By keeping the four elements in our awareness on a daily basis, we set into motion our internal healing which allows us to access the immense internal energy that is vital for change.

Photo: @boostmonaco

In Your Element festival offers a wide range of FIRE, EARTH, AIR and WATER activities to help bring your imbalances back into alignment. Join us on the 6th and 7th July to learn, participate and flourish in all sorts of wellness activities including yoga, meditation, fitness, beach volley-ball, football, massages, talks on healthy living and eating, tips on being eco-friendly and hear about all the latest wellness trends…

Get ready to feel inspired and energised: Kim Hartwell

Looking for some inspiration on your wellness journey? Whether you’re at the start of your wellbeing journey or already a full-fledged fitness fanatic you will not want to miss the chance to meet the contagiously uplifting Kim Hartwell in July in Monte-Carlo. 

Kim is an international model, personal trainer, yoga teacher and travel and wellness blogger (at She has also recently launched her own brand of adventure retreats, “Rock & Soul Adventures” which combines rock climbing, yoga and outdoor adventure. Kim’s ethos in life is “Tone What You Own” which stems from the belief that everyone, no matter what shape or size, has the ability to tone what they own and be the best version of themselves.

In Your Element, Monaco’s first wellness event, is so excited to be welcoming Kim to the stage (aka the beach front) as she has a natural gift to make anyone wanting to change bad habits into long lasting lifestyle changes. You will leave her classes feeling energised, uplifted and ready to take on change for the better!

Not only is she a great health and fitness guru, Kim also has a passion for saving the beautiful planet we live on which is definitely something we will be getting behind at the festival too (stay tuned for more information). Kim believes together we can save the nature we’re privileged enough to live alongside of.

We sat down with Kim after an invigorating workout session and asked her some quick questions about her life. We absolutely loved her life mantra: The grass isn’t greener on the other side, it’s greener where you water it.” This is so true and an important remind for many of us. Look after yourself, find balance, do things that make YOU feel happier, believe in yourself and you’ll find that you will stop comparing your life to others.

Kim, what’s the one thing you can’t live without? Rock climbing. Music. My hubby – Sorry that’s 3 things!!

Tell us one fun fact about you – I was Christened on a Naval Ship (HMS Andromeda) because my Dad was a Naval sailor.

Do you have any guilty pleasures? – Anything and all things caramel and wine.

3 things on your bucket list to do – 1. See South America. 2. Buy and kit out a campervan. 3. Climb El Capitain.

And finally, we asked Kim what she does to make her feel great and be IN HER ELEMENT…
“I am in my element when…
I’m rock climbing, surfing, hiking or doing yoga in the great outdoors – preferably somewhere beautifully exotic.”
Come and meet Kim Hartwell and join one of her amazing fitness sessions at In Your Element and ask her any of your own questions on the 6th or 7th July in Monte Carlo