Mobility and Movement for Longevity

Mobility and Movement for Longevity

What is the Mobility for Longevity Class with Vanessa?

A regular movement routine is essential to reduce stress and risk of injuries, and improve longevity and quality of life.
With this inclusive Mobility practice combining Yoga, Pilates and Dance, Vanessa Michielon will help you target the range of motion in your joints, open your hips, release muscular tension from your back and shoulders, and enhance your overall flexibility.

You will start with a centering breathing technique and gentle stretches to prepare your body, then continue with a series of seated and standing movements that promote fluidity and balance, and close with a final relaxation. You will leave feeling rejuvenated, energised and grounded.

This low intensity session is suitable for everyone as different options will be offered to encourage you to practice in the way that feels best for your body.

Vanessa’s Class will take place at 3pm in the Studio Space in the Lodge, you will need to book ahead to secure your space in this class.

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