A great round up of the festival by Hello Monaco

“It’s an idea that had to happen. It was swirling around in Krista Madden’s head and she was dying to talk about it during an exclusive interview with HelloMonaco. Why are Wellness Festivals such a big part of life in London, but not yet in the Principality?

Monaco has fabulous Wellness facilities and world class trainers – and Monaco has something London absolutely doesn’t have, sun, sea and glorious views. A Wellness Festival in Monaco would definitely have an extra dimension – so Krista founded the Festival and christened it “inyourelement”. She networked among her friends who urged her to launch this July.

If Krista has a strong suit it is that she’s a dynamite networker and she immediately reached out to world class presenters that have international reach. Krista’s other passion is making people feel at home at events; relaxed and comfortable so that they feel they have made friends. And then Krista ensured the two day Program had events that are catalysts to fun so that people could lose their inhibitions without needing a jeroboam of Champagne.

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