Welcome to In Your Element On-Demand

In Your Element On Demand is a Workplace Wellness audience based proposition with private videos made by experts and coaches from the health & wellness space around the world.

Bespoke playlists include exclusive videos that have been filmed globally, in places like Costa Rica, Bali, Monaco, Spain, Germany and Miami. An insight and reflection of how an international wellbeing community is still thriving and accessible in challenging times. Staying connected in a social, cultural and most of all a healthy way.


Classes will be under the Four Elements

A menu will be available for you to create your own Playlist for the month to watch at any time as a group or in your own time.

Classes range from: Meditation, Breathwork, Nutrition, Gut Health, Pilates, Yoga, Inspirational Talks, Sophrology, Anxiety & Stress Management, Biohacking, Herbalism, Ayurveda, Immune boosting cocktails and cooking masterclasses.

How to Access In Your Element On Demand:
A Monthly Subscription or One-Off Bespoke Wellbeing Package.
Costs on application & scaled to your team numbers and requirements.

There are 100+ videos available now

Meet Some Of Our 100+ Global Community of Experts

1st Row: Jodie Roberts Flow with Jodie: Tess Prince Love Food Ibiza: Kirk Haworth Plates London: Amaeze Madukah Life’s Recipe

2nd Row: Mark Freeth Freestyle Movement Project: Rachael Waring Home Herbalist: Zoe Aston Your Mental Health Workout: Nahid de Belgeonne The Human Method

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